Spring/Summer 2014

Prada is a big show the will define the season for months to come. Miuccia Prada can singlehandedly turn the fashion mood with utter conviction – well of course next summer we’ll all be gladly be wearing teddy bear fur coats, dresses with jewlled bras over the top and pull sports socks up to our knees, without a qualm. There were Peter Blake-style rainbow babes with feathered hair, bejewelled bags and rubber-toes, high-heeled plimsolls beguiling every time. The venue is transformed every time and this time it featured murals by El Mac, Mesa, Gabriel Specter, Sthinfish, Jeanna Detallante and Pierre Mornet who had been commissioned to¬†“engage themes of femininity, representation, power, and multiplicity”. These images were then reimagined onto handbags, coats and dresses. Shapes were strong, but easy to wear; princess coats and pleated cheerleader skirts as well as smart tailored tunic dress, or other A-line bustier styles with a pocket on one hip. The colour palette didn’t make you think summer seeing khaki and mustard, dark blue, ruby and pink with bold rainbows slashed across the back. There was a luxury sportswear vibe to the collection which looks to be strong for next Spring/Summer 14.

Photos: Monica Feudi /

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