Emilio Pucci.


Spring/Summer 2014

Emilio Pucci’s girl is an exotic creature the adventurous type, but who knew she was quite so sporting? Scuba diving? Motocross racing? Boxing? Basketball? All sports that seemed to influence the collection. The looser silhouettes were cinched in with boxing style belts with the house logo, or the blouse tops were teamed with skinny leather motocross trousers. Tracksuit bottoms came in Pucci’s swirly-patterned silk or otherwise, ornately embroidered in crystals and raffia. Hoodies came out cropped in perforated leather or were densely beaded in Masai-style colour combinations. Sports bras covered in sequins with sheer tanks over the top. The show was fast paced and had a strong concise theme throughout.

Photos: Monica Feudi / feudiguaineri.com

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