Spring/Summer 2014

There was a different look from Versace – we saw the designer move garments away from the body unlike the items that usually are very tight to the body. Full skirts in woven raffia paired with linen and denim mix jackets. Silk T-shirts were embellished with the brand name and boasted chain-mail sleeves. Donatella says “I think at the moment it’s all about easy things to wear; women love to wear jeans and a T-shirt so I want to give these ordinary things the status of luxury, The shapes are pretty simple but the pieces are as precious as they can be.” Silk floral slip dresses and sheer blouses revealed a softer side to Versace, but this was heavily disguised by hot pants and heavy leather jackets stapled together with bold silver nuggets. The colour palette was soft pastel – pale leather purple skirts had zip down the middle with a crop top and leather cropped jackets. The eveningwear meant floral motifs appeared in glittering embellishment on nude chiffon body stockings. The overall look of the collection had a grunge feel the I have to say I loved.

Photos: Yannis Viamos /

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